Best Lightweight Basketball Shoes for Men & Women 2021

A good game of basketball is greatly affected by the type and quality of the footwear. A large number of changes have been made in the basketball shoes. Once upon a time, basketball shoes were heavy and bulky, which have now been replaced with lightweight footwear. If you want to know what are the best lightweight basketball shoe available, then keep reading.

Light basketball shoes are perfect for so many reasons. The top reason is comfort and breathability. In an aggressive basketball game, the player’s feet give off a lot of heat. So breathability is important for comfort. Lightweight basketball shoes offer flexibility. Those lightweight shoes let these players walk with quick movements. The lightweight makes them the most comfortable basketball shoes.

They are not heavy on the feet, which helps the player to make quick cuts and movements. From users and trainers, we have collected data about the best lightweight shoes. If you want to know what are the best lightweight basketball shoes, then keep scrolling. Here we present the top ten lightweight basketball shoes as they are the most comfortable basketball shoes.

Best Three Most Comfortable Basketball Shoes

Best value
Under Armour Heat Seeker

  • Neoprene sock is embedded in the shoe.
  • EVA midsole and Micro G foam at the heel section
  • Demo product pros
Premium value
Kobe AD NXT 360

  • Provided with flyknit technology
  • cushioning helps to minimize the impact
  • Demo product pros
Great value
Under Armour Curry 3

  • Cushioning happens through micro G technology
  • Meta wing carbon shanks give support
  • Demo product pros

Performance in the match is affected by some factors. One of them is the type of shoes you are wearing. Lightweight basketball shoes are one of the most effective for a good basketball match. These lightweight shoes feel minimal and light on the feet. They are super responsive and quick.  

Top 10 Best Lightweight Basketball Shoes

Following are the best lightweight basketball shoes in the market:

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Kobe AD NXT 360 They are breathable.
They are durable.
Lightweight and durable
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backpac Under Armour Curry 3 Very affordable.
Uses g technology
Support is given through meta shanks of carbon.
Check Price
cordlessblower Under Armour Heat Seeker EVA foam is present that provides support.
The herringbone pattern is present.
Minimum dust is attracted at the heal.
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Nike Hyperdunk X It fits perfectly.
It has Zoom Air Units.
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Under Armour Curry 5 Excellent lockdown and stability.
Super comfortable
Check Price
Nike Hyper Quickness Women’s shoe Phylon midsole is present.
Meshed upper part keeps the foot dry.
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Nike Women Air Force 1 07 Perforations give breathability.
Variety of colors.
Traction gives a good grip.
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Addidas Adizero Crazy Light 2 Gives marvelous fitting after a break-in.
The midsole is gifted with EVA foam.
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Under Armour Women Jet 2019 EVA sockliner is present.
Continuous ventilation is happening.
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Nike Precision 4 Two-level of cushioning.
It can be used for a workout.
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Nike Kobe AD NXT 360 Mens Basketball Trainers

Ratings: 5/5

This holds a special significance in basketball history as it was released on ‘Mamba’s Day.’ The material used in this shoe ensures its breathability. This shoe is equipped with Flyknit technology on the upper at a 360 angle. The 360 degree Flynit is exceedingly lightweight and easy to fold. That’s why the shoe is considered to be light and flexible. The cushioning at the midsole delivers the perfect responsiveness and bounciness. It helps to minimize the impact. The durability of the shoe is quite pronounced. The upper encases the foot gracefully. It is a great value for the money.  

  • The shoe is very durable.
  • It delivers finest breathability.
  • It is extremely light and flexible.
  • The rubber outsole attracts a lot of dust.
  • It is really expensive.


Overall, this shoe is made up of finest quality and is extremely lightweight. It helps to give a really good performance of basketball on the court. It is much appreciated by all the famous trainers and scores amazing in all categories.

Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Basketball Shoe

Ratings; 4.5/5

Many users, trainers, and players are really glad about the performance of this shoe. The amazing feature of this shoe is the traction that can grip all kinds of surfaces. It performs well outside the court. The cushioning happens through micro G technology, which is further strengthened by the charged cushioning. This cushioning delivers the responsiveness and damage against impact. The Under Armour Curry 3 has a new threadborne upper that makes it light in weight. This fiber material is inspired by parachute material. 

  • These shoes are affordable.
  • There is a Meta wing shanks of carbon that gives exceptional support.
  • They have great traction.
  • The heel counter is missing.
  • The foot is not contained perfectly.


Overall, it’s a really good basketball shoe. The weakness of this shoe is the lack of a heel counter. Else, this is a very stiff performer at a really good price. If you are an aggressive player and make sudden cuts in the play, you should consider other options.

Under Armour Men’s Threadborne Heat Seeker

Ratings: 4/5

The Under Armour Heatseeker is a mid-top basketball shoe. There is a neoprene sock embedded in the sneakers, which provides an excellent fitting and lockdown. There is an EVA midsole and Micro G foam at the heel section. This protects the foot from injury. The responsiveness is provided by the ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam carrier. The outsole contains a herringbone pattern that helps in swift and quick movements of the foot.

  • This shoe’s responsiveness is great due to EVA foam.
  • Great traction due to herringbone pattern.
  • The grooves in the outsole attract minimal dust.
  • Some of the quality issues were reported.
  • Some issues with the size were reported. It does not fit perfectly.


On the whole, Under Armour has done a remarkable job with the design of the shoe. All kinds of players, whether heavy or light, will enjoy playing in this shoe. Since it is a comfortable fit, all kinds of players will enjoy wearing it.

Nike Men’s Hyperdunk X Team Basketball Shoe

Rating: 4.5/5

Nike released these shoes in 2008 during the Beijing Olympics. The cushioning is provided by the Zoom Air Units in the forefoot and the heel. It gives the shoe protection against sudden impacts and bounciness. The mesh network in the upper gives the shoe extreme breathability and lightness. The traction is great on clean courts. The materials used in the shoe are not premium but gives a lot of ventilation. Overall, the Hyperdunk X is a very solid performance basketball shoe at a fair price.

  • The shoe provides excellent support.
  • It fits perfectly and true to its size.
  • Traction is not much pronounced on dusty floors.
  • They become narrow at the forefoot.
  • Not suggested for outdoor play as the rubber outsole is soft.


This Hyperdunk is the 10th model of the series. Many trainers claim that NIKE could have made more improvements in this one. Nonetheless, they are suggested by different testers because of their on court performance. 

Under Armour Curry 5 Basketball Men’s Shoe

Ratings: 4.4/5

In 2018, Under Armour released these pair of shoes to celebrate Stephen Curry’s 30th birthday. The upper part is made of a knitted network that gives breathability and comfort. The circular theme is present throughout the outsole. The overlapping circular and square patterns give the shoe the optimum traction. Traction patterns prevent falling and injury. The containment portions are present in the lateral wall that locks the foot in shape. They are true to the size, but it may become tight at the midfoot.

  • The cushioning provides excellent bounce.
  • It has great lockdown and stability.
  • The material is very comfortable.
  • The shoe may cause injury because of the design flaw.
  • They are extremely tight at the midfoot and forefoot.


This model is improved from the previous one. It provides an extremely responsive ride. However, due to the designing fault, it may cause injury.  

Nike Hyper Quickness Women’s Basketball Shoe

Ratings: 4/5

This is a women’s lightweight basketball shoe. It has a hyperfuse upper part that helps to make it lightweight. It increases its airflow and durability. There is Pylon midsole with forefoot zoom air units that make it responsive. It also increases the bounciness of the shoe. The herringbone pattern is present at the outsole, which increases the traction. 

  • They are lightweight and comfortable.
  • There is a meshed upper part that ensures your foot is kept cool and dry.
  • It provides excellent ankle support.
  • Insufficient support near the arch.


On the whole, these women’s basketball shoes are extremely lightweight. They are excellent for an aggressive game.

Nike Women Air Force 1 07 

Ratings: 4.8/5

This basketball is one of the most popular among women players. It is good looking and attractive. The upper part is made up of premium leather material and an easy lacing system. On the forefoot area, some perforations ensure breathability. So there is enough ventilation occurring in the shoe. The cushioning is provided by the air zoom units. The shock absorption occurs with the help of these cushioning. The rubber outsole protects against falling. The traction pattern provides excellent grip. 

  • These basketball shoes are smart and stylish.
  • They are available in a variety of colors.
  • They fit perfectly and are comfortable.
  • They can be used by players as well as for casual look.
  • It sells out too quickly.
  • It is a little pricey.


All in all, this shoe is perfect for women. Due to its looks and appearance, it is loved by everyone. It performs well on and off the court.

Adidas Adizero Crazy Light 2

Ratings: 4/5

The Adidas AdiZero Crazy Light 2 is designed by Robbie Fuller. He used a Sprint Web in the upper that keeps the shoe tough. It helps to contain the foot perfectly. This SprintWeb gives support and protection. EVA provides the cushioning on the midsole that becomes thicker to minimize shock.

Similarly, it becomes thinner at the heels. For traction, there is a circular pattern. This pattern allows quick cuts and escapes. The rubber outsole has an exceptional grip on surfaces.

  • The midfoot gives the perfect fit.
  • The shoe comes in vibrant colors.
  • It gives an excellent fitting after a break-in.
  • They become narrow, ate the forefoot.
  • Because of the asymmetrical SprintFrame, the heels may get irritated.
  • Shoe breathability is not pronounced.


Overall, the Adidas AdiZero Crazy Light 2 displays a rich improvement in traction, cushioning, and support compared to its predecessor. So, it can be used for all kinds of players, not just quick players.

Under Armour Women’s Jet 2019

Ratings: 4.4/5

Under Armour Women’s Basketball shoes have a rubber outsole for their durability. The design is really impressive in that it aids in continuous ventilation. The responsiveness of the shoe is provided by EVA midsole. It makes the shoe lighter in weight. For further grip on all kinds of surfaces, there is a traction pattern on the outsole. While making lateral movements, these traction patterns are really helpful for gripping.

  • Cushioning is efficient due to the EVA sockliner.
  • For security and comfort level, an internal bootie is constructed.
  • There is an internal heel counter to give perfect locked-in support.
  • The shoe has enough arch support.
  • Before using them daily, they may fit tight.
  • They do not give much impact protection.


The Under Armour Jet 2019 is a sophisticated basketball shoe for hoopers who want to have an aggressive play on the court. The specialty of these shoes is the responsiveness and the court feels it gives. These basketball shoes have plenty of court feel and are very responsive. Heavy players and older ones who need more cushioning should not get this shoe. Overall, they offer good value for money. 

Nike Precision 4 (Women)

Ratings: 5/5

Nike Precision is gifted with everything that works well on the court. It has a rubber outsole that helps to have a firm grip on the hard surfaces. It has a classic look that makes it among the stylish basketball shoes. It gives extra control to your foot and it locks in easily. It is designed in such a way that it can bear dangerous landings and impacts. Because of the presence of mesh on the upper, breathability is enhanced. Inside the shoe is a textile lining that gives comfort. There are two levels of cushioning in the midsole that gives an even ride. For traction, there is a circular pattern for multidirectional movements.

  • It is a highly rated shoe.
  • This Nike shoe is one of the most affordable shoes.
  • It is true to its size; many reviewers say that it fits perfectly.
  • Due to its flexibility, it can be used for other purposes like workouts, etc.
  • It has excellent traction that grips the surfaces well.
  • It may not be much durable.
  • May attracts dust easily.


Nike Precision is not a disappointment when it comes to affordability. Apart from the price, there are also other good features of this shoe. The outsole, the cushioning and style are the pronounced qualities of the shoe. It is among the best lightweight shoe, so it is relaxing to the worn feet.

FAQ’s About Lightweight Basketball shoes

What should I look for to find the best lightweight shoe?

First of all, you should notice the top of the shoe. The heel should not come back to your ankles. Otherwise, they will be heavy. Next, there should be some support network in the shoe. Support is important in the shoe; otherwise, you will feel really tired after the play. Third, you should always weigh the shoes and go for the lighter ones.

Are there any specific brands for the best lightweight shoes?

 Brand names are going to be very subjective in this case. But honestly, the bigger the brand, the more will be its popularity in the market. The big companies like Nike, Adidas and Under Armour are really in a competition. All of them try to bring out the best. Since they have modern technology so they will make lightweight shoes in a much efficient way, that is the reason why in this article the big brands are included.

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