Best Low Top Basketball Shoes

Basketball is among the most famous sports in the world. The right footwear is of prime importance in this game because it is the only tool the player uses during the game. There are many shoes available for players. These shoes come in different design, cushioning, size, price, and style to the players’ satisfaction. Among them are high top and low top basketball shoes. So there are many varieties, including high top shoes and low top shoes. Here we are going to discuss the best low top basketball shoes. 

What is Low top Basketball shoes?

Low top basketball shoes are the ones that are below the ankle. These low top basketball shoes provide quick turns and ultimate speed. They are led in weight as compared to the high top basketball shoes. It is due to their lightweight that a player can jump much higher from the ground.

Here we are going to mention what are the best low top basketball shoes. Among many low cut basketball shoes available in the market, here you are going to learn about the best low cut basketball shoe.

List of 10 Best low top basketball shoes

Image Product Features Price
backpac Adidas Harden Vol 3 Herringbone traction pattern on the outsole.
Upper part is made of Flynit technology.
Light in weight.
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backpac Adidas T-Mac Millennium Very comfortable shoes.
Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) cover that encases the foot.
They can be used as casual trainers.
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cordlessblower Adidas Harden Vol 2 Neoprene liner gives comfort.
Adjustable lacing system.
No joint pain occurs.
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Air Jordan 11 IE low Highly breathable.
Nike Air units aids in cushioning.
It fits comfortably.
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Nike LeBron 16 Low Bouncy and effective.
Soft material is yet supportive.
The traction pattern hardly attracts dust.
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Adidas Pro Bounce 2018 Low Light foam in the middle absorbs impact.
The TPU units in the shoe make it durable.
Bounce technology protects the ankle.
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Adidas Harden Vol 4 The light strike midsole offers energy return.
Firm shoe grip.
Excellent lockdown system.
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Nike Precision lii Highly comfortable.
Durable outsole.
It provides step-in comfort.
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Adidas Harden Vol 2 LS Lace The boost foam makes it comfortable.
It is made of the finest quality leather.
Mesh network is embedded on the forefoot.
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Nike KD 4 Fit strap gives maximum lockdown.
Super flexible.
Appealing shoe design.
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Adidas Harden VOL 3

Ratings: 4.7/5

This is one of the best low top basketball shoes in the market. Adidas has produced this shoe in the name of James Harden, who is a famous basketball player. The upper part of the shoe is made of Flynit (lightweight strands of yarn) that provide flexibility and durability to the shoe. It has a full-length boost, which is Adidas most responsive midsole technology. To create an unstoppable court performance, there is a herringbone traction pattern on the outer sole. It is a user- friendly shoe which is comfortable and durable. The herringbone pattern on the rubber outsole allows players to control their movements and change directions effortlessly.

The Adidas Harden Vol 3 gives you a smart fit. After some time, the material stretches and then it provides a one-to-one fit. There are three stripes on the lateral side of the foot. The shoe also features James Harden signature on the forefoot.

  • The rubber on the outsole hardly invites any dust particles.
  • The herringbone pattern brings tremendous power to stop.
  • The forefoot Boost delivers excellent responsiveness.
  • They need the shortest break-in time.
  • It is light in weight.
  • These are not outdoor friendly shoes as the outsole are soft and wear off quickly.
  • Some complain that the insoles are paper thin, which makes them a little uncomfortable.
  • The elastic band at the forefoot does not aid with the lockdown.


The Adidas Harden has received mixed opinions. The pros are more than the cons of this shoe. Players perform efficiently while wearing this shoe. It is considered the top low top basketball shoe. Players enjoy while playing in these signature shoes.

Adidas Men’s Tmac Millennium Basketball Shoe

Ratings: 4.7/5

This variety of Adidas T-Mac Millenium version is highly improved. It includes full-length Boost. This cushioning effect is used in this version, which doubles the energy returned in every step. There is a Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) cover that encases the player’s foot. This provides support and stability to the player. The herringbone pattern on the outsole delivers traction. It is prepared using rubber material, which ensures proficient traction on the court. Furthermore, TPU material is fused into the Adidas T-Mac Millennium’s construction. It helps to maintain lateral support and encases the player’s foot.

  • It can be used as casual use trainers.
  • These shoes are very comfortable.
  • Adidas Tac-Millenium has a herringbone pattern, which provides strength.
  • Some players are of the view that they are expensive.
  • Some users believe that the material used in the production is cheap.


The Adidas T-Mac Millennium is extraordinary in terms of appearance and comfort. It uses Adidas Boost technology, which makes the players excited. The shoe’s overall aesthetics is awe-inspiring. So if you are looking for the best cushioning system, then buy this pair of basketball shoes.

Adidas Harden Vol. 2

Rating: 4.6/5

The Adidas Harden Vol 2 revolves around reasonable forefoot control, firm lockdown and rich cushioning. Contrary to other Volumes, this shoe has the thickest Boost cushioning. The midsole is slightly wider than the upper part, providing a firm base to the foot and increasing foot containment. There is a fractal pattern on the outsole. This pattern is inspired by James Harden’s playing style. Due to the elastic band in the middle of the shoe, it feels narrow at the midfoot. The Adidas Harden Vol. 2’s upper portion is made of internal neoprene and mesh create. This material provides stable foot placement and gives the ultimate flexibility. The forefoot has threads that are embedded with TPU considerably lessens the shoe’s weight.

  • The neoprene liner and Boost foam give the shoe next-level comfort.
  • Due to the thick Boost, no joint pain occurs.
  • The cushion is stable at the forefoot.
  • The presence of an adjustable lacing system adapts to the foot.
  • The rubber on the outsole is not flexible.
  • The shoe’s outer heel cup makes it look a little strange.
  • Sometimes the shoe feels too tight in the middle portion due to the elastic band.


Adidas Harden Vol 2 is considered best performer shoes even though many players are slightly disappointed. Some players feel that it is a little heavier than its ancestors. But due to its impressive cushioning, it protects heavy players from injury.

NIKE Men’s Air Jordan 11 XI IE Low Retro

Ratings: 4.7/5

The Air Jordan 11 IE Low is created in such a proficient way that it makes the shoe lighter and more breathable to wear. They are made up of soft elephant print leather, which enhances the breathability of the shoes. These are provided with Nike air units that are responsible for sufficient cushioning. The full-length shank provides effective midfoot support. The Air Jordan 11 IE model gives the best fit. They are equipped with a rope lacing system. These Air Jordan shoes are produced from fine leather that is famous for its durability. The synthetic upper portion gives the ultimate support. Due to its flexible style, Air Jordan has become an outdoor staple too. They are a beautiful mixture of style and comfort.

  • The Air Jordan 11 Retro Low fits comfortably.
  • The panels and vents for ventilation make the shoe breathable.
  • Michael Jordan used these shoes.
  • The leather is rigid and not of good value.
  • There is a clear rubber on the outer sole, which attracts dust easily.


Overall, Air Jordan 11 IE Low can be used casually yet can be used in the court. It is usually bought as a collectible. So, if you are looking for some breathable shoes that you can also carry casually, then Air Jordan 11 IE Low is for you.

NIKE Men’s Lebron 16 Basketball Shoes

Ratings: 4.5/5

The Nike LeBron 16 Low was manufactured in response to James’s rookie season. These are powered by Zoom Air and Max Air cushioning. These low-top basketball shoes from Nike are a remarkable example of versatility. This cushioning setup is intended to minimize impacts from hard surfaces. These low top basketball shoes are also armed with foam for further cushioning. 

There are a pronounced rubber outsole and a traction pattern. That allows the shoe to become flexible and provides grip. The Nie LeBron 16 Low has a proper fit, so you have to order your exact size. It has a custom lacing, which aids in locking the foot firmly. Its upper part is made of mesh and a stretchy collar. For an easy way to enter the foot, there is a pull tab on the heel. This LeBron 16 is inspired by LeBron’s James speed. Two types of cushioning, i.e., Max and Air cushioning, help make it a great performer and a stylish one.

  • The Max Air Cushioning makes it bouncy and reactive.
  • It provides a brilliant hold to hard surfaces.
  • The tractions pattern is super hard, so dust will hardly land there.
  • The material is quite soft yet supportive.
  • These shoes fit perfectly as the material adapts to the shape of the foot.
  • Some users have complained that the Max Air cushioning feels stiff at the start.
  • Thick cushioning may offer minimal court feels.


So as a whole, the LeBron 16 Low functions effectively on the court. It’s the traction, cushioning, and support features that make it remarkable. These low-top LeBron basketball shoes are armed with a textile upper, which is supporting material. So if you are looking for some low top basketball shoes that are easy on your pocket, then go for Nike LeBron 16.

Adidas Pro Bounce 2018 Low Basketball Shoe

Ratings: 4.5/5

These shoes are equipped with a strong bounce, which makes them smooth and comfortable. The textile knit on the upper makes it a durable fit. The enriched traction pattern provides excellent performance. Any player can use these low-top basketball shoes. Due to the full-length bounce in the midsole, it is responsive. There is a light foam that absorbs all types of impacts. It immediately returns to its original shape, thus producing energy. The Adidas Pro Bounce 2018 Low has an improved traction pattern. This pattern guides the shoe to floor control, especially during multidirectional footwork. In addition to the traditional lacing system, there are also outriggers for extra support. The upper of the Adidas Pro Bounce Low is gifted with two features–Forgefiber and Geofit. Geofit is tiny cushioning units that are implanted in the inner wall of the shoe. The Forgefiber has TPU fibers that are heat presses. They are responsible for durability.

  • Bounce technology in the midsole shields the legs and ankles from fatigue.
  • The design is aesthetically correct, both on and off-court.
  • The traction pattern allows very little or no dust to land on the shoe.
  • These shoes are versatile. Both heavy and light players can easily play wearing these shoes.
  • This shoe’s tongue is not locked into its position and can move from its side during play.
  • Some players are of the view that they do not give enough support.


Based on customer feedback and reviews, it is considered to be of great value. It has an affordable price, a Bouncy midsole and a breathable upper.

Adidas Harden Vol. 4

Ratings: 4.5/5

These basketball shoes claim an ultra-lightweight cushioning that brings the finest comfort and responsiveness. Lightstrike is a lightweight cushioning system that deals with dynamic speed on the court. The Lightstrike midsole also offers superior energy-return for all-game comfort. The multiplicative traction pattern gives a brilliant grip on any surface. The Adidas Harden Vol. 4 is provided with a mixed-media upper that provides sufficient stability and support. It also offers increased breathability and durability. The shoe depicts the style of James Harden on the court.

  • All users claim that it gives an outstanding performance in the court,
  • They are the most comfortable to play in.
  • The shoe grip is so strong.
  • These shoes have an exceptional lockdown.
  • The light strike cushioning helps to absorb maximum impact.
  • Some users complain that the Lightstrike midsole lacks strong protection.
  • Some dead space is found in the forefoot area.
  • The shoe material is not very breathable.


Adidas never fails to impress with these Adidas Harden Shoes. These low top basketball shoes are well made and offer the best play on the court.

Nike Precision Iii Basketball Shoe

Ratings: 4.7/5

These are made to provide the utmost precision. It has an upper mesh network, which provides greater comfort. It has a lightweight midsole and multi-direction traction. It has a two-level of cushioning that makes a smooth play. The Nike Precision 3 offers an excellent grip due to its rubber outsole. The upper of the Nike Precision III is made of mesh and fabric. It provides breathable protection and support during the game. They are also provided with textile lining. Nike Precision 3 has a sleek mid-top design with a round toe that is simple but stylish.

  • They need minimum break-in time.
  • Outsole is durable and can be used outside the court.
  • The foam cushion feels comfortable with a good bounce.
  • Step-in comfort is excellent.
  • Many users complain that these shoes are tight.
  • Users claim that the upper is not firm.


Overall, these shoes are budget-friendly. They are stylish, comfortable and lightweight; if you want lightweight yet high precision shoes, then go for them.

Adidas Harden Ls 2 Lace

Ratings: 4.7/5

The Harden Vol. 2 LS Lace was released as part of a special “MVP” colorway collection. Because of the cloud-like Boost cushion, these shoes are the most comfortable. The toe and heel area has the Boost foam. This shoe has traction in a running bond pattern. This gives the outsole a better grip. The upper of the lace version of the Harden LS 2 is made of stretch materials and the finest leather. Mesh fabric is embedded on the forefoot, and midfoot is softer made with thick fabric.

  • It feels soft and comfortable due to mesh knitted fabrics.
  • It is made of the finest quality leather.
  • The Boost used in the shoe is very comfortable.
  • Some users say that the shoe does not provide maximum support due to the soft material used on the upper.
  • Feet are not very much secured in the Adidas laces.


As the shoe is made of soft stretchable material, many users claim it to be an off-court shoe. The upper part has minimum support, while the lockdown is not enough to compete with an aggressive play.

Nike Zoom KD 4

Ratings: 5/5

The Nike KD 4 is designed by the famous Leo Chang. The midsole is made of Phylon and a zoom unit. This cushioning delivers protection against impact and court feel. Four groves are embedded on the forefoot, which gives flexibility and surface grip. The upper is made of synthetic leather. Nike KD 4 comes with Hyperfuse side panels for ventilation. The heels have foam pads for providing comfort and support.

  • The adaptive Fit Strap of the shoe gives excellent lockdown.
  • Hyperfuse used in the upper part is breathable.
  • The Nike KD4 needs minimal break-in time.
  • The shoe design is aesthetically appealing.
  • There is a slope cut at the lateral side, which may hurt the toes.
  • The collar does not provide a great amount of support.
  • Some shoppers say that it is too expensive.


On the whole, Nike KD 4 is a good shoe for playing basketball. Due to its Phylon and zoom units, the cushioning is great for playing. These shoes remind fans of Kevin Durant’s successful days. They can be used as collectibles.

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