How To Clean Running Shoes

You might be fond of running and walking in the morning; therefore, you need one thing, that is running shoes. Probably, you run, enjoy and get your shoes dirty after passing mud, dust, grass and dirty water. Therefore, cleaning is crucial for making your running shoes ready for another day. 

To assist you and make it easy to use your running shoes effectively, we provide the best ways to clean running shoes with homely and common tactics. You just need to read the methods of cleaning white Nike shoes, cleaning with detergents, mesh, and water. Let us dive in.

Helpful Methods Of Cleaning Running Shoes

There are multiple unique ways of cleaning a pair of running shoes. These methods can take your time, money, and even shoes away from you. Because these can be risky, but the ways we put in front of you are considerable, remarkable, and suitable. After analyzing, reading, and applying these methods, you don’t need to search for how to clean running shoes.

Here we go with them one by one.

Hot Water and Soap for Cleaning Running Shoes 

To clean your running white, black, yellow, and red shoes, you would have to gather 05 essential things such as a bowl of hot water, one toothbrush, one handy washing brush, a scrub sponge, and a piece of cloth.

Step 01: You need to scrub the sole of your shoes properly to remove grass and mud from them. You can do this with a toothbrush’s help (you can use an old or new brush).

Step 02: After that, you need to remove the shoes’ inner sole one by one. Put them in hot water and start scrubbing them gently.

Step 03: Then, you just need to untie the shoelaces and bring them out of the shoes. Also, keep them inside the water bowl.

Step 04: Now, this is the time to mix soap and detergent into the water. Rinse your shoes effectively with the help of a handy washing brush. As far as the soles (middle, outer, and side) are concerned, a toothbrush would be better and you can get effective results.

Step 05: It is time for you to wash all the parts of the shoes in hot water and clean them properly.

Step 06: Dry your shoes at normal temperature.

Now, you are looking at this easy-to-perform method that has cleaned your shoes very perfectly. Even these are like new shoes and you just have recently bought them from the shop.

How To Clean Running Shoes In The Washing Machine

Some running shoes lovers fear and don’t use a washing machine to clean their shoes because they think this can be dangerous. It is very easy because you just need to take a few steps to wash your running shoes.

Before putting them in the washing machine, remove the mud with the help of a brush. After that, you need to start your procedure. Separately, wipe the soles of the shoes and clean them with a sponge. 

1. Look at the washing label before starting your procedure because shoe companies give cautions for some shoes.

2. Before pre-wash, remove laces and soles from the shoes.

3. Put your running shoes in the wash bag and start the procedure of cleaning.

4. Don’t forget to keep a towel in the washing machine because it will save your shoes from damage.

5. In this way, the inner side may remain dry, but mini detergents would help this issue. Put the liquid and mini detergents on the bag, the shoes inside the bag will absorb these detergents.

6. Now, this is the time to stop the washing machine and take your shoes to a water tub or sink for washing.

7. Dry them in the natural air.

Admire results and you have taken another benefit of the washing machine in the form of cleaning your running shoes.

How To Clean Running Shoes In The Dishwasher

This might be fun for you after hearing but believe us dishwasher cleans your running shoes very effectively and quickly. This is because the dishwasher has an effective detergent and cleaning formula that eradicates all the mud, dust, and grass from the shoes.  

If you want to use the dishwasher, here is a step-by-step guide.

Step 01: To clean your white running shoes, you need to decrease the temperature of the dishwasher because cold water does not cause any damage to your shoes.

Step 02: You need to take off the soles and laces of the specific pair of shoes. Then, Put them upper side down in the dishwasher and start the process.

Step 03: Turn off the heat because it is unsuitable for suede and leather shoes.

Step 04: Now, this is time to bring your shoes out from the dishwasher. You will see that dishwasher has wonderfully cleaned the shoes and these are looking new and attractive. Furthermore, there would be no smell and no mud once you clean them.

Step 05: Dry them at the natural temperature because the dryer can be harmful. If you have been using the dryer for drying your running, stop doing this because this snatches the product’s beauty.

In the end, you can see remarkable results. Cleaned and well-looking shoes are in front of you.

How to Clean Nike Running Shoes With Mesh?

Cleaning white dirty shoes or Nike shoes can take a lot of effort and time. This happens to those people who don’t have enough solutions or methods of cleaning running shoes with mesh. Here are a few steps of cleaning running shoes with mesh. Mesh is particularly used for cleaning shoes and most people use them normally. But we present a suitable way.  

You need to put shoe trees in the shoes, take laces off and soles as well. Take mesh and rub it gently on the upper of the shoes and the tongue of the shoe too.

Further, take a handy brush for rinsing soles and a toothbrush for cleaning the upper and laces of the shoes. An effective brush works for you because it is enough for scrubbing and cleaning dirty parts. 

Then, you need to dip the brush in the solution and start rubbing the upper part, sole, and back sole of the shoes. You just need to spend 5 consecutive minutes.

After that, visit your sink and wash your shoes. In this way, you get your shoes cleaned at home very easily.

Admire the effective results and you can apply this method for cleaning your other leather, suede, and office shoes.

Liquid Detergent and Piece Of Cloth

Stop doing Google searches because liquid detergent, water, and sink can be useful if you want to clean Adidas running shoes.

Using Liquid detergent can eliminate the stains and spots from the shoes and you can do it at home.

You need to buy a liquid detergent from the market and mix it with 5 liters of water. Water would be in the tub.

After that, take a mini brush and start messaging the liquid on the shoes gradually.

Then, grab a piece of cloth and wipe the liquid and water away.  

In the end, dry your shoes and enjoy your running journey again.

Baking Soda and Vinegar for Cleaning Running Shoes 

Once you bought your shoes and these were full white, but at present, they are unattractive due to dirt and mud. Do not worry because baking soda and vinegar have multiple uses, including cleaning running shoes.

Some essentials are required, such as baking soda, vinegar, tub, spoon, brush, and sponge.

  1.  Spoons of baking soda in 7 to 8 liters of water are enough. Further, mix the vinegar and baking soda together in the water.
  2. Take off the shoelaces and soles of the shoes for ease.
  3. Get a sponge in your hands and start rubbing the sponge on the upper of the shoes by dipping it into the solution (vinegar + soda).
  4. Do this for 8 to 10 minutes; as a result, you would observe clear results.
  5. Then, you would have to visit the sink; in contrast, you can keep a water tub.
  6. If you are using the sink, properly wash your shoes. After that, clean them with a soft cloth.
  7. In the end, let them dry, wait, and be ready for your next running schedule.

Toothpaste and toothbrush  for Cleaning Running Shoes 

A very easy-to-apply method is available for cleaning muddy running shoes. Just follow step-by-step guidance and reach your destination. 

  • Paste toothpaste on some cotton and use it for cleaning the upper side of the shoes. This will take away all the spots and stains.
  • On the other hand, a toothbrush for rubber sole, middle sole, and front.
  • Properly do it for 10 minutes and wash your shoes after this certain period of time.
  • Clean your pair and dry it.

Things to Avoid While Cleaning Your Running Shoes

When you get a bundle of solutions and suggestions that how to clean running shoes, you need to keep some aspects and facts in mind. These facts help you keep your shoes safe and secure.

  • You don’t need to put leather and suede shoes into the washing machine. A pair of shoes hold different parts together and it may lose the connection of parts with each other. So, washing them can be inappropriate for you.
  • Do not try to use bleach for your Nike, Leather, Brooks, Adidas, and Suede shoes. This fades away the shining of the shoes and you will be disappointed.
  • You must use cold water for cleaning your running shoes and this will not damage your shoes.
  • Low temperature would be helpful for shoes because it maintains the flexibility of the shoes.
  • Do not put your suede shoes into the dishwasher because this can damage your pair. 
  • The dryer can also be ineffective for shoes because its wind would be hot and take away the shoes’ attraction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Clean Spots On White Running Shoes?

Certainly, it is very effortless for anybody to clean spots on white running shoes. You need to take fresh water, a toothbrush, and a piece of cloth. Put your shoes in the sink, water tub, or null and clean them easily.

On the other hand, spots can be eliminated very well, but you would have to read section 2 that is “how to clean running shoes in the washing machine.”

How To Clean Nike Running Shoes With Mesh?

Mesh is well-known for cleaning shoes, especially Nike shoes. Take mesh or buy a piece of it from the market. If you have long-term running goals, you need to buy a bundle. Take the benefit of liquid detergent to make proper use of mesh. For further details, you need to read section 4 that is all about the mesh method of cleaning running shoes.

How To Remove The Smell From The Shoes?

Yes, this is normal because after running and passing by different places, someone can have a smell in the shoes. Its solution is simple because dishwasher cleaning and washing machine methods are recommendable.

How to clean muddy running shoes?

Mud can take your time and you need to remove it first. You can remove it with a handy all-purpose brush. For better understanding, read “Toothpaste and toothbrush cleaning method.”

Final Verdict to Take Home

To conclude, we have derived and narrated many useful ways that answer your question that how to clean muddy running shoes. Any shoe lover can use his or her shoes without the tension of cleaning because cleaning has become very easy. After all, Shoesreviewer makes it possible.

You don’t need to throw your shoes out from home, in the garbage, in the garage, and in the dust bin just because of mud, stains, dust, dirty water, and grass.

Now, methods are available in front of you and it depends upon your selection that you go for how to clean running shoes with mesh, how to clean running shoes in the dishwasher, or how to clean running shoes with baking soda and vinegar. Do not waste your time taking steps because doing now would be better for you. I wish you the best of luck!

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