How To Dry Tennis Shoes

Tennis might be your favorite hobby or you may have a soft spot for tennis shoes. You might face issues due to water, rain, and even sweat while wearing your tennis shoes.

Wet shoes create disturbance for you and don’t let you move easily. Further, you might have some dangerous reactions if you keep on wearing wet shoes while playing tennis. So, to find the best ways of drying tennis shoes, we are here to completely assist you. You just need to follow every single method one-by-one; in the end, you can choose the appropriate method to dry tennis shoes.

Use Newspaper To Dry Your Tennis Shoes

It is the best way to dry tennis shoes because it is a very easy and homemade task. You might have a newspaper at your home and once you read them, they are not useful for the long-term process. So, you can bring them into your other helpful usage.

Moreover, this process takes time and effort too.

This can be your first and foremost choice, but you would have to comprehend the tactics and gimmicks.

Here we go.

Step 01: You need to bring a newspaper near to your shoes.

Step 02: Then, untie the laces of your shoes. Remove the insoles of your tennis shoes if they are removable.

Step 03: Crunch the Newspaper, put inside the shoe, and fold it completely around your shoes.

Step 04: Time to place your shoes at a normal temperature. On the other hand, you can place it near a heater or fan, but you need to keep it away.

Lastly, after 30 to 45 minutes, you would have your dry tennis shoes and wear them.

How To Dry Tennis Shoes With The Help Of Fan

If you are looking forward to drying your shoes with the help of a fan, we provide another suitable method for you.

Step 01: You need to look at your shoes and observe whether they are cleaned or dirty. If they are dirty, you need to remove dirt first.

Step 02: Wash your shoes if they are dirty. After that, take them near the fan.

Step 03: Remove insoles and laces. Bring a hanger to hang them for clear dry. In this way, they will absorb air straightly.

Step 04: You can switch your fan at medium or high speed.

Now, this is the time to admire results and see that fan has done its duty. You can use this method in the future for drying tennis shoes.

How To Dry Tennis Shoes In The Dryer

Some specific types of shoes such as leather, gel core that you cannot dry in the dryer. But you can dry tennis, cotton, and synthetic shoes in the dryer.

Here is the procedure for you to follow and know how to dry tennis shoes in the dryer.

Step 01: From the very beginning, clean your shoes if they are dirty. Or they might be clean but wet. So, you don’t need to wash them because they are already wet.

Step 02: Grab a towel and put it into the dryer for better results. Tie laces of shoes in such a way that you can untie them after dry.

Step 03: Put the shoes in the dryer but keep the laces out from the dryer. (Tip: stick them in the lid of the dryer).

Step 04: Then, start the dryer. Hang on and wait for approximately 50 minutes.

It is time to admire results and you can see your dry shoes perfectly.


How to wash and dry tennis shoes?

It is an effortless task to wash and dry tennis shoes. Firstly, wash your tennis shoes with the help of a washing machine. You can put them in a washing machine, add liquid detergent, put a towel in it, and wait for 20 minutes. As a result, you get washed tennis shoes.

Secondly, you can dry them with the methods mentioned above that can help you reach your goals of drying tennis shoes, such as the newspaper method, dryer method, and fan method.

How to dry tennis shoes in the dryer?

We have described this method at the beginning of the article. You can see the above and get the answer to your query.

How to air dry tennis shoes?

You can put your tennis shoes at a normal temperature and let them dry. Air dry tennis shoe method can take 10 to 12 hours. So, you would need patience in this method.

Final verdict

To conclude, it is enough for you to follow one of the best ways to dry tennis shoes. It depends upon you that you deal with every single method. If you allow us to suggest to you, it would be better for you to dry tennis shoes with Newspaper. You might get clear and satisfactory results at your home with minimum time. Moreover, the other two methods are very considerable to be applied.

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