How To Soften The Back of New Shoe

A wonderful series of tips for shoe users soften shoes

It always feels great to buy and especially wear brand new shoes. Most of the time, the element of comfort pops up in our minds when we think of wearing a new set of shoes. Also, this is how new shoes should feel like, but that is not the case all the time. Not all brand new shoes are flawless and comfortable, but some bring slight discomfort.

Discomfort While Wearing Uncomfortable Shoes

This discomfort can take away all the thrill and excitement of wearing new shoes. The discomfort can be of various types. The shoes might be tight, uneven and hard.

One of these flaws is the hardback of a shoe. The hardback of the shoe can be very painful and uneasy. To reap the complete joy of wearing brand new shoes, we must try and soften the shoe’s back.

Tips to soften the back of a new shoe:

The softening of the back of a shoe can be challenging but it isn’t impossible. We will give you some handy tips that can answer your question of how to soften the back of new shoe. These tips can be extremely helpful in solving the problem. Without wasting any further time, let’s dive into the all-important tips.

Given below are the tips to soften the back of a shoe. So, read them carefully and apply them precisely and accurately.

1) Use High-fat Oils:

It is one of the tips for leather shoes. If you have bought leather shoes and have a hardback, you can use high-fat oil to soften them up. To do so, rub some oil on the outside of the hard part and then leave it. That outer part of the shoes will absorb the oil and after some time, the back of the shoe will soften up.

2) Use Heat:

Another method of softening up the back of a shoe is that we can use Heat. High temperature forces the shoe to expand, especially the leather and plastic shoes. In this method, all you have to do is take a hairdryer and use it at the shoe’s hard end. Be careful not to overdo this method. The hard part should be exposed only to that much Heat which easily expands it and not melts it.

3) Use Ice To Soften The Back Of New Shoes:

This is a very interesting method of expanding the tight and hard end of a shoe. We know that water molecules expand when they are frozen. So, to soften the back of a shoe, you can take two small water packets and place them at the back end of the shoe. They must fit in at the hard end. After that, place your shoe in a refrigerator for 7 to 8 hours. This is how Ice formed in the water packets will soften up the back of the shoe.

4) Use Insoles:

Insoles are comfort houses of the shoes if used in the right way. Also, using Insoles can be of great value too. Putting Insole in the newly bought shoes can do wonders. Placing the Insole so that it also covers the last part of the shoe will provide comfort to the feet. The Insole will minimize the effect of the hardness of the shoe. As a result, you get your goal of softening the back of new shoes.

5) Use Alcohol:

You might not believe it, but alcohol can also be used to soften the back of your stiff shoes. You will have to be a little precautionary while using this method as alcohol is highly flammable. To soften up the back of your shoe, mix the alcohol in equal amounts of water and after that, soak your stockings in that. Now you have to put on your socks and shoes and go out for a walk. Keep on walking until the alcohol evaporates. In the end, you’ll see that the stiff back of your shoe has also softened.

6) Using Professional Sprays:

One of the straightforward methods of softening the back of your shoe is using shoe softening sprays. There are various shoe stretching sprays available that can help soften the inside of the shoe. You have to grab one of those sprays and use it accordingly on the back of your shoe.

7) Use The Right Kind Of Socks:

Yes, you heard it right. According to experts, wearing the right kind of socks can also help a great deal in stopping stiff shoes’ pain. If you have a tight back of a shoe, then wear a bit extra thick socks. These socks can help you get rid of blisters and pain. In this method, you will have to rely on the quality of the socks to keep the pain and blisters away.

8) Use The Expertise Of A Professional:

If you have tried the above all methods and none of them has worked for you, it is time to seek professional help. Sometimes, we try our best but unfortunately, it doesn’t work out in our favor. Now, we must consult a professional. When it comes to professionals in the shoe domain, we must consult a cobbler. A cobbler has more knowledge and expertise than us. They can help us soften the back of a stiff shoe easily and safely.

Final Thoughts That How To Soften The Back Of The New Shoe

When you buy new shoes, you have to keep in mind that a shoe can come with a stiff back. If this happens, the above mentioned 8 methods of softening your shoe’s back could surely help you. We are sure that if you employ these methods of “how to soften the back of new shoe” in the right manner, you can easily tackle the problem of stiff back of shoes.

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